Lower Sac - Giant Rainbow - Matt Dover Fly Fishing

Date: June 5, 2023

Location: Lower Sacramento River, Anderson, California

Water Conditions: Excellent

Fishing Outlook: Good to Great

Greetings, anglers! I am excited to bring you the latest fly fishing report for the Lower Sacramento River near Anderson, California. The conditions are nothing short of exceptional, and with the assistance of a fly fishing guide, your chances of a successful outing are practically guaranteed. Speaking of guides, my name is Matt Dover, a seasoned guide/angler with over 25 years of experience guiding on the Lower Sacramento River.

Let’s dive into the details:

Water Conditions:
The water conditions on the Lower Sacramento River are currently excellent. The river is running clear and at a perfect flow, providing optimal conditions for fly fishing from a drift boat. The recent weather patterns have contributed to the river’s health, and it’s safe to say that the conditions have never been better. Prepare yourself for a memorable day on the water!

Fish Activity:
I’m happy to report that the fishing has been good to great in recent weeks. The Lower Sacramento River is teeming with rainbow trout, with the average size hovering around 16 inches. It’s not uncommon to encounter fish exceeding the 20-inch mark, offering thrilling fights for fly anglers. The rainbow trout population is healthy, and they are actively feeding during the AM to later afternoon hours. This river always delivers an exciting angling experience.

Recommended Flies:
To increase your chances of success, I suggest using the following flies:

1. #14 Brown Micro Mayflys: These imitations have been working exceptionally well, mimicking drifting nymphs that the trout are keying on. The trout can’t resist the realistic presentation of these flies.

2. #8 Brown Rubber Legs: This fly pattern effectively imitates stonefly and salmon fly nymphs, which are a significant part of the Lower Sacramento River’s food chain. The trout are consistently responding to this offering.

3. #14 CB Birds Nests: Another productive pattern, the CB Birds Nest imitates a variety of aquatic insects, including caddisfly larvae and mayfly nymphs. Even little yellow stoneflies. The versatility of this fly makes it a reliable choice.

Fishing Outlook:
Looking ahead, the fishing prospects on the Lower Sacramento River near Anderson are promising throughout the summer. With the current water conditions and abundance of rainbow trout, you can anticipate a fantastic fly fishing day on the water and season. The trout will continue to be active and receptive to a well-presented fly, ensuring exciting angling opportunities in the coming months.

In conclusion, the Lower Sacramento River near Anderson, California, is in prime condition for fly fishing. Hiring a knowledgeable guide, such as Matt Dover, is highly recommended to optimize your time on the water and increase your chances of success. The fishing has been good to great, the water conditions are excellent, and the rainbow trout are eagerly awaiting your presentation. Don’t forget to arm yourself with the recommended fly patterns and get ready for an unforgettable fly fishing adventure on the Lower Sacramento River!

Tight lines and happy angling!

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