Trinity River Fly Fishing Guide

Experience the Thrill of Fly Fishing in the Trinity River with a Professional Guide:

Considering a guide and a driftboat for a day or more of fly fishing for steelhead, including adult steelhead, on California’s beautiful Trinity River, specifically from the town of Lewiston to northern California’s Junction City? Hop on board, bring your waders and wader boots! Oh and don’t forget a fishing license (if you are over 15 years old) and a steelhead report card.

As unpredictable as the weather can be, fly fishing for steelhead compares to casting a line in the hopes of feeling that tight snugg tug as a fish stops the fly along it’s presentation path – totally thrilling while also bracketed by uncertainty. I don’t think anyone goes away disappointed. Ask any fly angler about where to find the best steelhead fly fishing in California and they will likely mention the Trinity River in a list of great steelhead rivers.

California’s coastal rivers, such as this gem spreading from Lewiston dam and flowing 180 miles to the Pacific coast in northern California, are complicated, and often remote, and steelhead being a migratory fish are rarely predictable. It’s not like fishing the Pit River out of Burney Ca. where there are rainbow trout practically next to every rock in the river. Steelhead, including larger adult steelhead, move from the ocean into their natal stream or river, migrating through the river’s eddies, pools, riffles, and glides, against the current. I am no match even though I make my living plying the waters daily with a pair of oars.

There Are Good Fly Fishing Guides & Better Fly Fishing Guides On The Trinity River

Steelhead migrate based on river flow, water quality, time of day, and water temperature. And there is no benchmark standard. You could be fishing the best looking water on the Trinity and the steelhead could be 30 miles upstream or downstream. Always moving upstream. Success occurs when your timing coincides with their migratory timeline. Anglers can search Google all they want, or ask Chat AI for insight. You will find answers that are either off or way, way off. To get that great photo posing with the most illustrious fish to wrangle with a fly rod, hiring a Trinity River Fly Fishing Guide is a safe and reliable practice considering the vast northern California terrain that is the bed of the Trinity River. From beginner anglers to experts.

I can understand being a little or a lot reluctant to hire a fishing guide on the Trinity River, especially since much of the river averages 2-4′ in depth, and flows average through the year 400 – 600 CFS. There are two sections: The Upper Trinity, above Pigeon Point and Lower Trinity stretching from Del Loma, CA down to the confluence with the mighty Klamath River near Weitchpec, CA.

Between the upper and lower Trinity River, an angler has almost unfettered access to some of the best water. Maybe, in hiring a guide,  there’s a margin of control that could be threatened. You might want to manage your time to your liking or purpose. And maybe the “catching” of adult steelhead is more incidental rather than the goal. The unwritten code of the better steelhead guide on the Trinity River is this: “Get the angler near the fish at the right place and time. Job done.”

10 Reasons To Hire Matt Dover:

It’s mostly true that if the fish, including adult steelhead in this case, are within reach of the angler’s presentation, show that fish the fly once or enough times, and they will come to that fly and show you the fight. A competent guide isn’t wandering the river looking for fish rather they are ensuring your flies spend the most time in the best water during the time spent fishing. Sometimes on a given stretch of river, in a day of fishing, that’s three key spots or “runs”. So maybe you can imagine without that kind of experience and knowledge, and especially considering the possibilities reaching up and down many miles of river where conditions vary during winter months, it’s not to say you won’t find steelhead on the business end of your fly rod, it’s that your chances are not near as good as the guide who is sitting on the most productive water every single day while you are out exploring your own personal frontier. And that’s cool. I get it!


1. Expert Knowledge: Matt Dover is a professional fly fishing guide with extensive knowledge of the Trinity River and its autumn & winter steelhead fishing, especially on popular stretches like below Junction City or way up in Lewiston. His proficiency is like a good presentation – he knows the river inside out, including the best riffles, runs, pools, techniques, and patterns for catching steelhead during the autumn & winter seasons.

2. Increased Success Rate: Fishing for steelhead, especially the larger adult steelhead during the winter, can be challenging, but with Matt as your guide, your chances of success will be significantly increased. Like finding the perfect spot that you can return to on your own, or a section you can float your own driftboat down or knowing just where and when to be, Matt brings the factors of success to the light! With his troves of information gathered from decades of experience and a proven track record of helping his clients land trophy steelhead, Matt is a seasoned guide for your fishing adventure along California’s Trinity River. Not restricted to steelhead, you may also get a chance to encounter other aqua species like the mythical sea run brown trout near select tributaries when guided by Matt.

3. Access to Prime Locations: Knowing how to stay ahead of the game, Matt knows where the best water is found virtually any day of the year along the Trinity River, from Lewiston to Junction City and down to Del Loma, CA., Matt and the Trinity River are old friends. Ask Matt about fishing much-preferred Trinity Lake in northern California. By hiring him, you’ll gain access to these prime fishing spots that are often inaccessible due to private property boundaries.

4. Gear and Equipment: As a professional guide, Matt is like a walking tackle shop with all the necessary gear and equipment for your guided day of fly fishing. From high-quality rods and reels to flies and tackle designed to attract particular species lurking in the river. He will ensure that you have the right tools to maximize your chances of landing a legendary adult steelhead or a brown trout, by chance maybe? Matt will make sure the only chance you face is if the fish can be landed.

5. Personalized Instruction: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, including adults with decades of experience, Matt will tailor his instruction to your skill level and goals. He’ll provide valuable tips and techniques specific to winter steelhead fishing in diverse spots- from Lewsition to Junction City CA., helping you improve your casting, presentation, and overall fishing skills.

6. Conservation and Ethics: Committed to the principles of conservation and ethical angling, Matt Dover believes in imparting not just techniques but also values to his clients. He will educate you on responsible practices, from catch-and-release to the importance of preserving fish habitats for different species, and respecting the environment.

7. Safety First: Navigating the challenging terrain from Lewiston to Junction City, especially during the uncertain weather conditions of the autumn and winter can be demanding. Rest assured, your safety is Matt’s prime concern. Equipped with the required information and extensive experience, he manages swift currents and potential tributary obstacles, ensuring a worry-free sojourn.

8. Local Insights: Being a local guide in northern California, Matt Dover not only knows the Trinity River and the surrounding area but also the best local restaurants, bars, and hotels. His knowledge isn’t limited to fishing spots, but also extends to other attractions and activities in the vicinity, particularly around the junction city and Lewiston.

9. Relaxation and Convenience: By hiring Matt as your guide, you can relax and enjoy your fishing experience without worrying about logistics. He will handle all the details, including permits, transportation, and streamside lunches, allowing you to focus solely on the joy of fishing.

10. Unforgettable Experience: Fishing for steelhead on the Trinity River during the winter is an unforgettable experience in itself. With Matt Dover as your guide, you’ll not only increase your chances of catching steelhead but also create lasting memories of a fantastic fishing adventure in one of the most beautiful rivers in the region.