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Current Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report: 09/24/2023

Fishing on the Lower Sacramento River out of Redding California is “Good”! We had a great October. Sunny warm days. That is changing as wetter, cloudy weather is going to be the “flavor” of November 2023. Bring rain gear. I don’t expect a deluge of rain, but periods of precip should be expected.

How does rain impact the fishing? Well the fish for one don’t like to get wet. Just kidding!!!

Seriously, cooler, cloudy and rainy weather does cause the wild rainbows of the Lower Sacramento to move around a bit. It’s possible to find more fish in shallower water intercepting BWO’s, Midges. November is a time when Golden Stones and Salmon Fly Nymphs molt, shedding a layer of exoskeleton as they grow. And in the process, they end up drifting with the current becoming food for rainbow trout.

I’m expecting great fly fishing on the Lower Sacramento all November! I suggest booking a day here or two, a day on the Trinity and to top it off, a half day on either.

Where is the best fishing through November on the Sac?

I tend to venture out below Bonnieview as long as a strong south wind isn’t blowing. We can still find fall run Steelhead below Anderson through early December. We always find numbers of rainbow trout and the chance at connecting with a Lower Sac Steelhead is pretty exciting. I will help you keep the flies in the water through all the best spots.

Hot flies:

  • #8 Brown Rubber Legs
  • Just about any small nymphs in brown or black. Think #14 ~ 16
  • Micro Mays in #14 – 16
  • #14 Poopahs, Bubble Back Caddis

Fishing the Lower Sac is a big piece of water to dissect. The riffles look good but when drifting in a boat, as we and other anglers drop into those riffles, any rainbows holding nose-against the riffle structure will be spooked by the boat. So, throw flies into the deeper water as you drift through, and then get back upstream, anchor and throw into the riffle after fish have had a chance to return. This won’t be an ideal strategy for every riffle, many are simply to big and deep, but the more approachable riffles add up as we get into the winter and lower flows.

Respect this river. It is powerful, deep and unforgiving. Wear a flotation device.

I have calendar dates available and can’t wait to take you and yours fishing. Contact me at (530) 338-1714 or send me a message using my form below:

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