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As we reach the middle of summer, there is always some elevated attention shifted away from the Lower Sacramento River and toward the Trinity River.

For clarity, the Trinity River really swings into action come October. As of this writing, the fish we dream of is moving into the lower reaches of the Trinity. Reports out of the Hoopa Reservation indicate Steelhead and Salmon have arrived. And more to come.

What is the fishing like on the Trinity River?

Fishing has been fair for those who find the migratory fish of the Trinity, and slow for those anglers who simply don’t collide with Steelhead and Salmon traveling upstream. I expect many of the Steelhead arriving to wait in some of the deeper inaccessible sections above the town of Willow Creek. These “waiting steelhead” will move up and into the waters just below or near the town of Junction City after the slight amount of rain we almost always get in mid to late September.

For now, there is a kind of  “Dumb and Dumber” chance in the upper Trinity. Realistic chances below Del Loma.

River flows are crystal clear and cool. Great for wet wading. Releases out of Lewiston Dam are 450 CFS. Wading conditions in the upper river around Junction City are reasonably safe. Caution advised.

Will the fishing be good this fall on the Trinity?

Short answer? Yes.

The autumn months do not disappoint. By mid-October, Steelhead will be spread out through the system. The quality of this season’s run of Steelhead has yet to be realized. I expect a productive fall season. Weather in the fall can be cool in the AM, comfortable mid-day. The best fishing occurs early, before 11:00 AM and again after 3:00 PM. In between, we fish deeper pools and target edges covered by shade where we can find it. The best conditions are always going to be those cloudy, rainy days.

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