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Current Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report: 03/01/2024

Wild times!! We had flows of over 35,000 CFS last week. Current releases out of Keswick are scheduled to be at 19,000 CFS Friday March 1st. Expect 15,000 CFS by Sunday March 3rd. So, “Big Water” means we get to cover greater distances, fishing river we never see at sub-10k flows. Just want you to know these kinds of releases are normal. When we have rain like we have had in Northern California this winter of 2024, we can expect an abundance of water accumulation in Shasta Lake. And we haven’t begun spring run-off yet. I expect higher flows like we have through March and maybe into April. All good with me.

Where is the best fishing through March on the Sac?

Best fishing? Happens in a drift boat with a guide at the helm who knows this “Big” version of the Lower Sacramento river. We are long ways from the “StarBucks” version lessor experienced guides and weekend warriors know well.

In March, we start to see the bigger rainbows show up. Talking rainbows in excess of 22″. It is common to find rainbows over 25″ in the coming weeks. March is a month to not miss. Promise.

The higher flows won’t restrict the caddis and mayfly hatches March is well known for, but the dry fly fishing we typically experience might be limited to being in the right place at the right time. I have my spots.

Water conditions are good and only getting better. Just like my calendar for March. Hurry and get onboard!

Hot flies:

  • #8 Brown Rubber Legs
  • Just about any small nymphs in brown or black. Think #14 ~ 16
  • Dark colored Micro Mays in #14 – 16
  • #14 ~ 16 Zug Bug
  • #14 BH Birds Nest
  • Oregon Cheese (yellow) Micro Spawn

All my Lower Sacramento River reports include the following for your benefit:

Fishing the Lower Sac is a big piece of water to dissect. Especially this March and through April. The riffles look good but when drifting in a boat, as we and other boat associated anglers drop into those riffles, any rainbows holding nose-against the riffle structure will be spooked by the boat. So, throw flies into the deeper water as you drift through, and then get back upstream (back row), anchor and throw into the riffle after fish have had a chance to return. This won’t be an ideal strategy for every riffle, or all river conditions. Many spots are simply to big and deep at high flows, but ideal at low flows.

Respect this river. It is powerful, deep and unforgiving. Wear a flotation device.

I have calendar dates available and can’t wait to take you and yours fishing. Contact me at (530) 338-1714 or send me a message using my form below:

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