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Current Trinity River Fly Fishing Report: 11.01.2023

It’s been one of those special autumns. More productive than past years. Everybody is having a great time and for sure there are more fish to go around. We will see the kind of precipitation that produces about the most perfect conditions anyone could ask for. Steady wet weather through mid November. Of course weather can and will change, but the forecast is ideal. Bring your rain gear and expect an epic time!

Steelhead fishing can be a game of persistence. Chasing a fish that is migratory by nature can produce great fishing where we find them. Just because good fishing was experienced today does not and should not imply the same quality of fishing will occur in the same spot tomorrow. It could be slow or even better!

What about the fish? Exactly.

I’m seeing big wild adult fish over 28″. Some topping out at nearly 10 lbs. Steelhead are spread throughout the entire system. Some of the fish remind me of the winter fish I’m looking forward to. Plenty of hatchery fish in the river. The cloudy weather approaching over the next couple weeks will only make for solid opportunities through the end of the month. Book with confidence.

The precipitation in the forecast doesn’t look like the kind of rain that can blow out the entire river. I expect river flow levels to increase below Douglas City. Maybe some color, but not muddy. Higher flows open up some of those flat, featureless glides producing more opportunity, more places to cast flies.

Hot flies:

  • #8 Brown Rubber Legs
  • TB Golden Stone #8
  • Just about any small nymphs in brown or black. Think #12 ~ 16
  • Red Copper Johns in #14 ~ 18
  • Glow Roe beads in 8mm
  • Shrimp Pink Micro-Spawn
  • Beaded Hare’s Ear #14

I recommend swinging or drifting the small nymphs and rubber legs. The red copper john and beads are best drifted under an indicator. Actually, all flies drifted under and indicator will produce. Change flies regularly and try new patterns and recommendations where ever you find them.

I have calendar dates available and can’t wait to take you and yours fishing. Contact me at (530) 338-1714 or send me a message using my form below:

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