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Current Trinity River Fly Fishing Report: 09/24/2023

Heading into autumn the Trinity River and specifically the river conditions are typical. Clear and low. Not great for boating, good for rafts and drift boats nonetheless.

The ease of wading this river from Lewsiton, CA. all the way down to its confluence with the Klamath River can’t be any better. Some of the best water for the fly fishing angler can be found below the town of Del Loma. A wider river that lends to more traditional fly fishing with switch or spey fly rods. But for the angler skilled at managing long drifts suspending flies under an indicator, the advanced rifles, runs, and pools are numerous and seemingly endless. Easier water is found around Douglas City and upstream to Lewiston CA. (No fishing above the Lewiston Bridge).

Are there fish in the river?

There are steelhead spread out along the entire length. The best fishing reports are naturally generated by those anglers who find a pod of steelhead or just one in that special glide. Steelhead are moving, slowly, but they are pushing up towards Lewiston or into any of the countless tributaries. The productive piece of river you find today will likely be empty of steelhead tomorrow. If you don’t know already, steelhead fishing is more about the search than it is about the actual quantity of fish caught and released. For now, the opportunities are numerous and finding solitude is a certainty.

Expect to find brown trout concentrated above Douglas City. These brown trout are an incidental surprise to the steelhead pursuit and never disappoint.

Hot flies:

  • #8 Brown Rubber Legs
  • Just about any small nymphs in brown or black. Think #14 ~ 16
  • Red Copper Johns in #14 ~ 18
  • Glow Roe beads in 8mm

I recommend swinging or drifting the small nymphs and rubber legs. The red copper john and beads are best drifted under an indicator. Actually, all flies drifted under and indicator will produce. Change flies regularly and try new patterns and recommendations where ever you find them.

I have calendar dates available and can’t wait to take you and yours fishing. Contact me at (530) 338-1714 or send me a message using my form below:

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