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September 24, 2023 Fly Fishing Report: Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River has been fishing great! October is so reliable. Great weather, perfect water conditions. Sporadic caddis hatches.

Wading conditions are improving as water releases aare reduced form Keswick Dam. Lower flows don’t mean wading is safe though. Anglers who venture out onto the riffles should be wearing personal flotation devices. These are auto-inflate systems activate once they a portion is submerged (like when you fall down and are being swept downstream).

Where are the popular spots to wade? Try the riffles above and below the Sun Dial Bridge. Try walking down river from Anderson River Park. Just before the river makes a right, there’s some pocket water that can produce, but not much. Stay next to the bank. Like, the grass along the bank should be touching your waders. Walking out will just put you past the fish and into the deeper water downstream. Take a stroll around the bend and look for water that starts to cut westerly into the bank and above that can be excellent dry fly fishing late in the day… closer to sunset.

What are my hot flies?


  • Cinnamon Poopahs #14
  • CB Bird’s Nests #14
  • Brown Micro Mays #14
  • Amber Bubbleback Caddis

Dry Fly:

  • Dark Missing Link in #14
  • Cutters E/C Caddis in #16

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