Lower Sacramento River - Fly Fishing guide

This river is in great shape. Fishing has been good to great from Redding all the way down past Anderson. I expect good fishing through September.

For now, the early evening Caddis hatches can be non-existent on some days, while others this hatch puts rainbows on the edges of the river in shallow water. Great dry fly fishing for those who are in the right place, right time. When I’m talking evening, I mean near or at sunset.  The best water is accessed via drift boat. Wading options are out there, but agin, expect to be up river of the boat ramp by some distance in order to indulge.

Be careful not to have flies in the water more than 30 minutes past sundown. It is illegal to fish for rainbow trout more than 30 minutes past sunset along the Lower Sacramento and all trout streams accessible to the public in California.

Hot Flies:

BP Weiss nymph

The smaller Olive Perdigons

Zack’s Jigged Bird’s Nest

Cinnamon Poopahs

Amber Bubbleback Caddis

Bird’s Nest or Soft Hackle

For dry fly, Dark Missing Link in #14

Tip: During the caddis hatch, which evolves through the afternoon, swinging the nymphs are good to swing in slower, shallow, conveyor belt speed water.

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