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Summer is just about here! Weather couldn’t be better. The forecast calls for sunny skies. Daytime temperatures are between 70 ~ 90°. Water conditions on the Lower Sacramento river in Redding, CA. are great. Water levels are high and that is normal for the late spring period.

Events in Redding during May and June that may be of interest, that could coincide with a great day of fly fishing:

Lower Sacramento River

Although the Lower Sacramento River kicks out great fishing all-year-long, May is the month that changes everything. With higher water flows, the river becomes foreign for many. Fishing reports vary from poor to excellent. If there is ever a month or say a “season” on the Lower Sacramento where experience really matters, it is May ~ June. Find out more here…

Trinity River

Higher water flows cause the fishing on this river to take a break. But not for long. May through June I find the best fishing on the Lower Sacramento. But once July arrives, I start to see lower flows and better fishing as the summer runs it’s course. Chinook Salmon arrive, steelhead and by September… the reports keep getting better and better. Read more here…

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