Matt Dover Guided Fly Fishing

Spring is fast approaching and I can’t believe it! A lot going on in the fly fishing world of Northern California. Fishing has been fun! Sometimes epic. But seasons and destinations are changing.

Klamath River

Just want to say the Klamath River is really going to be this new frontier to explore next fall through the winter. I talk a little about the Klamath un this months Klamath report page. There is a great video about the river, the people who have fought to get this mighty river restored and it looks like this river has a better than good chance at making history.

Lower Sacramento River

Don’t miss March. You can skip August because it does get hot. But do not skip March. Water levels are making the news these days. And thank goodness for that! Meanwhile we have some of the biggest rainbows making their way upriver into parts of Redding. March is for sure one of the best months for last minute bookings. I expect great fly fishing. Ask me about dry fly fishing on the Lower Sacramento. It happens in March and can be some of the best top water fishing ever. See my Lower Sacramento River report for March 2024.

Trinity River

Fishing has been good all February. I expect to see less of this river and the steelhead we chase here through March. The winter run of fish has already arrived. There are always going to be those great days during March where we have the river to ourselves. After all, everyone is over on the Lower Sacramento starting this month. But, for those of us hard core Trinity River anglers, its the BWO hatches, later winter steelhead topping the scales at 10lbs or more. And longer days allowing us to fish all the best green water in N. California for steelhead. Read more here…

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