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Current Klamath River Fly Fishing Report: 11.01.2023

What about the Klamath? As we close in on winter, it can be cold. But there is so much fishy water. With the great season we are experiencing on the Trinity, I expect great fishing on the Klamath through November. This river can be a a real bonus when the Trinity blows out due to rain. I don’t see that happening this month, but keep that in mind. The upper Klamath River is fishing good. And great reports will come in as we close in on December.

Are there fish in the river?

Yes! I haven’t been over to the Klamath as the Lower Sac and Trinity rivers have been the main venues generating great fly fishing. That said, I am aware the upper Klamath is in great shape and fishing awesome. I am booked to guide the Klamath this month and confident the river will not disappoint. Interested? You should be. Booking a trip is easy. Just contact me to schedule date(s).

Klamath steelhead tend to be smaller on average than Trinity Steelhead. Not by much though. The Klamath tends to produce more hook ups than the Trinity over all. Fish can range from 12″ to 24″. These are tough, strong steelhead. A special breed.

Hot flies:

  • #8 Brown Rubber Legs
  • Just about any small nymphs in brown or black. Think #12 ~ 14
  • Red Copper Johns in #14 ~ 16
  • Black A.P. #14
  • Poxy Back Hare’s Ear
  • Glow Roe beads in 8mm
  • Various Micro-Spawn Eggs (Colors: Shrimp Pink, Peachy, Salmon Egg)

The Klamath is a rugged river. Giant lava rock and deep holes make wading difficult. Best wading access is along the lower river from October through early winter when conditions allow. The upper river provides good water  and endless opportunity form long deep glides and pool to shallow holing water that produces excellent Salmon Fly conditions in the early Summer (top water Salmon fly bite). The most productive fly fishing approach along the upper river is via drift boat. From Iron Gate down to where the Klamath runs below Interstate 5, there’s two to three days of fly fishing available.

I have calendar dates available and can’t wait to take you and yours fishing. Contact me at (530) 338-1714 or send me a message using my form below:

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